Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where to start ?!

So how to go about doing this? Creating your own apps, that is. It can be overwhelming to begin with. So much to learn, and so many different resources. Whether to spend time reading all the documentation, or just jump to all the tutorials and do them one by one? And the verbose Objective-C. It's all confusing.

Having played around with the SDK for the past couple of months, my experience has been that just going through the tutorials will help you make simple apps, however if you want to go farther than that, then you have to spend some time understanding the SDK. Of course, you cannot master the whole material. So the best way is to do the early tutorials to get a feel for what it is like to make an app; then decide what kind of app you would like to make, and then understand those materials in more detail.

So why yet another blog on iPhone programming? One of the things that is still missing from the blogs out there is elaboration on some of the common questions a beginner faces: "what is the difference between these two ways of achieving this result", "why are are there different kinds of templates", so on and so forth. Sometimes, I was left with more questions than answers. I had to dig deeper and get answers to some of those.I would definitely like to elaborate on those issues as I learn more.

So in the next few postings, I will start out with a basic app, and also address some of the basic questions regarding that. We will also understand some of the objective-C programming paradigm.

iCheers :-)


  1. pannag...

    this is raghu of alak. nice effort dude!!

    one piece of advice from a programmer...most of the time, all blogs list the final code...but most ppl get stuck when they encounter an error. I think you will add more value if you can incude specific errors you encountered and how you overcame them

    i hope to pick up iphone programming in near future...will use your blog as my starting point then.


  2. hey Raghu,
    Thanks a lot ! yeah, i will try and keep that in mind.
    Hope you get to iPhone programming soon. It is a lot of fun. You dont have to have an iPhone. Just a mac is enough.